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  Welcome to Democritus (Pty) Ltd


We specialize in environmental, natural resource management, community development, and information brokerage services throughout the African Continent. We have a hand-picked, multi-skilled team with a wealth of cross-sector experience.

Our 19-strong team has many years experience working throughout Africa and we provide a one-stop service designed to help you achieve your goals most effectively. Access to the right information, and expertise in using that information, are key factors whether considering a business investment in Africa, an environmental project, or implementing a development programme.

Democritus has the skills that you need.

Main areas of our work throughout Africa:

Baseline data collection, analysis and reporting

We send our highly experienced team members to any destination on the Continent in order to collect and analyze information before reporting back to the client. With our training in environmental and developmental work our researchers can address most information needs in these specific areas.

Democritus team members are well placed to undertake information gathering and analysis tasks for external organizations as well as to go in ahead of major project teams to pave the way for them, open doors, and supply them with all of the relevant information that they need upon arrival in the country in question. This service ensures that the valuable time of external experts is not wasted. Our experience of working on the Continent; both in remote rural areas, and in the major cities, is worth its weight in gold in terms of getting the job done effectively.

Our access to the latest communication technology enables us to contribute to major projects or investments during various stages of their development. Examples would include the provision of environmental liability information to a major industrial development in the planning stages, or assistance with the initial planning of major community development programmes.

Areas in which we are especially skilled include all areas of natural resource management, institutional and organisational issues, and general project and programme planning.

Environmental work

We undertake EIA's, environmental audits, and compile EMP's. Our team members' experience and expertise is extensive (with 4 PhD’s, 8 MSc’s, 6 BSc’s and 1 BA in our team), with both generalist environmental scientists and specialists. Summaries of just some of our skill areas are given on other pages of this website. In addition to EIA type work, our broad environmental and developmental expertise means that we are well placed to contribute to sustainable natural resource management initiatives across several sectors, including conservation.


Democritus team members have a wealth of experience in the management, monitoring and evaluation of programmes across a number of sectors. We are able to go into any country on the African Continent in order to undertake monitoring and evaluation exercises, as well as be involved in long-term programme management. In addition we are able to provide valuable input into project and planning design from the earliest stage of the project cycle. Many of our team members have worked on major donor Aid Agency projects over the years.