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  Engineering and Mining:

We provide engineering and mining Risk Control/Management consultancy in Southern Africa including a comprehensive range of products and services, in the areas of Legal compliance, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Quality Management amongst other areas of controllable risk. The services we provide are specific to the companies that we deal with, and include the following:

Assessments against ISO 9001/14001/OHSAS 18001 and other international, integrated SHEQ

and asset management/maintenance protocols.

Statutory Compliance Assessments against the Mine (MHS Act/Mineral Act) and Occupational
(OHS Act) Acts of South Africa.

Performing of Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques, such as Baseline,
Issue-based and Continuous Assessments to international techniques such as Structured What If Technique (SWIFT), Process and Procedural HAZOP, Baseline Risk Assessment (BRA/HIRA), Failure Modes Effects (and Criticality) Analysis (FME(C)A), Event Tree Analysis (ETA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Reliability Analysis (RA), Consequence and Dispersion Modeling, etc.

Accident/Incident Investigation according to Root Cause Analysis Technique (RCAT) in order
to identify system failures/management deficiencies and corrective action to be undertaken.
Critical spares analysis, optimal maintenance and outage/shutdown frequencies.
Consulting in the development of Management Systems, Codes of Practice, Standards,
Procedures, Legal registers, Protocols, Training Material, Checklists and Electronic Business Management.
Training in all the above subject to customer requests.
Occupational Health and Hygiene Monitoring.
Accredited Testing Laboratories.
Clients are in the following sectors:
Mining, such as coal, diamonds, gold, platinum, chrome, iron, copper, lead, precious metals, etc
Industrial, such as paper, petroleum, chemical, cement, motor manufacturing, food and allied
industries, concentrators and smelters, etc.
Services, such as project management, gaming, banking, etc.
Parastatal, such as electricity generation and distribution, water boards, transport, etc.
The staff members have proven backgrounds in the above applications of engineering and mining management disciplines. They have the practical know-how, expertise and the understanding of business, industry and mining to assess, advise and assist organisations in reducing the risks within organisations.

Currently services are provided to many of the top organisations in Southern Africa, and has recently expanded into the International arena, as a result of servicing the clients who have International operations. This in turn allows assurance that the services provided are of International standards.

Our reputation, credibility and business success is built on the quality of the work we have produced in the past for customers. This is the context in which we scope and implement work for customers. We furthermore strive to assist customers to be in control of their industrial facilities, by helping them to operate their facilities in a health and safe manner, producing quality products cost-effectively, and achieving a harmonious relationship with the environment.