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  Ground Water

We offer a comprehensive range of ground water services. These can best be summarized as follows:

Groundwater Resource Development and Supply Investigations

Groundwater exploration and development.-- Aquifer evaluation. -- Groundwater resource management.-- Use of scientific methods for siting of boreholes -- Supervision of drilling and installation of equipment -- Analysis of aquifer test data -- Photogeological studies -- Hydrogeological aspects of conjunctive use schemes and basin studies.

Development in Primary Aquifers

Turnkey groundwater supply projects.-- The design and development of abstraction schemes in alluvial aquifers -- Wellfield design, equipment specifications and construction/installation supervision.


Surface geophysics ( magnetic, resistivity ,EM , seismic, gravity ) Downhole geophysics ( full range ) Geophysical data interpretation ( geotechnical and groundwater) -- Scientific siting of boreholes - Delineation of pollution plumes.

Soil Investigations

Investigations for soil classification -- Forestry and species selection -- Agricultural development (wet and dry land capability) -- Mining, stripping and rehabilitation -- Land use potential.

Dewatering (volumes and drawdown) -- Control of subsurface seepage and contaminant migration. -- Contamination investigations -- Aquifer rehabilitation -- Acid/ base accounting investigations -- Mine EMPRs , closures and environmental assessments -- Soil, land use , surface and groundwater sections of an EMPR Mine planning.

Hydrochemical Investigations
Groundwater pollution studies (mines/industry/waste) -- Aquifer hydrochemistry -- Monitoring and sampling -- Hydrocarbon investigations -- Confidential contamination evaluations -- Due Diligence investigations.

Waste Disposal Investigations
Hydrogeological site suitability investigations for waste disposal facilities -- Hydrogeological investigations for licensing of waste disposal facilities -- Geophysical tracking of contaminant plumes -- Soils and engineering geological investigations -- Remediation and Aquifer clean up -- Computer technology, to aid in site selection (e.g. WASP, DRASTIC and GIS).

Mathematical Modeling
Hydrogeological modeling -2D and 3D flow -- Solute transport.

Foundations -- Roads -- Tunnels -- Dams -- Earthworks

Hydrocarbon Investigations
Assessment and remediation of groundwater and soil contamination by organic compounds -- Systematic, phased approach -- Identify whether groundwater or soil contamination is likely to exist -- Exploratory and detailed field investigations -- Risk assessment and remediation investigations -- Supervision of remediation.