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  Monitoring and Evaluation missions and reporting to donor

“Monitoring” is usually an internal activity of project management aimed at determining whether projects or programmes have been implemented as planned

“Evaluation” is carried out either by project management or by an external organisation. It is used to assess and improve the performance of an ongoing programme, or to estimate the impacts and determine the value of the performance of completed projects or programmes.

Monitoring and evaluation are important not only to ensure that project milestones are reached, but also to allow for the reassessment of objectives, strategies and activities if circumstances dictate.

Ideally evaluations assess actual project outputs, and compare them to the planned outputs. Such evaluations should be able to provide full details concerning the effectiveness of a project: not only in terms of the use of project resources, but also the impact on the participants, and in addressing the issues that the project was designed to address. However, this is only possible if all project aims, objectives, and activities have been defined fully during the project planning and design stage.

Any project can only be truly evaluated in terms of how it reached the objectives that it set out to achieve. If these objectives are not clearly defined in the first place, then one can only assess a project in general terms: "what it achieved using the resources that were made available to it". There is a big difference between the two. Far too often so-called "evaluations" fall into the second category: they are general assessments. It is for these reasons that Democritus can contribute to proper project and programme planning as well as providing specialist Monitoring and Evaluation expertise.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation services are designed to:

help programme management establish clearly defined objectives and targets for implementation against which progress can be monitored
implement and operate monitoring systems, including the development and application of methodologies and procedures to collect and analyse information
collect information from existing records, surveys, and studies to enable the periodic evaluation of progress and to analyse, interpret, and report the findings to management and other interested bodies
undertake, on an ad hoc basis, inquiries and studies to solve urgent problems for management

plan and implement special studies or reviews of problems or issues not otherwise covered