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  Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the technique of acquiring data (imagery) about the earths’ surfaces and atmosphere from satellites or aircraft-carried sensors. Sensors from such platforms provide data at a synoptic scale from a single data-take, making the analysis of remotely-sensed data a cost-effective tool for resource assessment over large areas. A further advantage of satellite data is that repeat imagery for any scene can usually be acquired. This capability to provide repeat data is of great importance in both assessing and monitoring changes in the resource or item under investingation.

Democritus specializes in the use of remote sensing technology for geo-spatial information services in the areas of natural resource management, urban and regional planning, settlement-change-detection, and geo-exploration. We have expertise in the use and processing of satellite imagery as a data source to provide information in the agricultural, geo-exploration, environmental assessment, and urban domains, as well as topographical and infrastructure mapping. Satellite imagery is used in conjunction with a variety of data sources such as aerial photography, digital elevation models, GPS data and other related sources which are integrated to provide information services and solutions.